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masajista californiano iñaki gallifa


Do you have back pain or body discomfort? Is this pain limiting your daily activities?


Are you living through moments of distress, change or vulnerability, and want to practice more self-care during this time? If the answer is yes, to any of the above, then I’ve got the solution for you…


All the negative experiences that we have are registered in our bodies and we express them in different ways: muscular pain, body tension, rigidity, anxiety, isomnia, depression, physical breakdowns…


I will accompany you for 90 minutes on a journey of deep relaxation to release tensions and soothe your pains in a safe and therapeutic environment.


This holistic massage will enable you to reconnect with your body whilst supporting your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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Let's get to the point! I like to care and listen to people.

There are two aspects that have marked my story, although they do not define me: a lack of physical contact in my childhood as well as a specific episode of sexual abuse.


Later on I live with a recurring 'depression' that invites me, again and again, to return to my body, let myself fall and go through my dark night of the soul.

Throughout this journey I also discover my sensitivity, I connect with the compassion that lives in my heart and the healing power of human touch. Life makes its way and there are countless people who helped in my journey.

For me this way of being touched is being revolutionary, nourishing and inspiring. Sharing it with you is my small contribution to a better and more real world -as crude as it may be-.


My wish is that here you also find a space to take care of yourself. 


During the 90 minutes massage we will work the full body - tailored to your specific needs. The long and integrating movements will run through the whole body, as if they were waves; slow and deep tissue movements aimed at releasing the most stressed areas of the body, along with mobilizations, rockings and moments of pause and stillness. All combined in a fluid, simple way, bringing instant holistic peace.


You will reach deep states of relaxation, similar to a trance; you will feel more openness and body space, as if something in your body has loosened... and there will also be movements in your emotional body: from connecting with the pleasure of feeling your body to self-compassion, support, deep stillness and even more intense emotional discharges.
It is a holistic massage (as opposed to a mechanical and only functional massage). It is not an erotic massage, it is strictly a massage therapy.

reseña masaje californiano
reseña masaje californiano
reseña masaje californiano
reseña masaje californiano
reseña masaje californiano
reseña masaje californiano
reseña masaje californiano


The benefits of physical touch go far beyond relaxation and pain relief. Presence-based touch is a transformative experience. After a session you will experience improvements on your physical, emotional and energetic bodies that are always connected to each other.

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Physical body

  • Chronic pain relief

  • Softer and wider muscle tissue

  • Drains and boost circulation

  • Better rest at night

  • Grounding

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Emotional body

  • Relaxation of the nervous system

  • Anxiety and stress relief

  • Connection with a higher, loving and compassionate vibration.

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Energetic body

  • Deep relaxation similar to trance.

  • Harmonize your energy field.

  • You'll feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders (literally).

Gestalt Dimensions
Gestalt Dimensions


You want to take care of yourself and nurture your body and soul 


You are you looking for an exclusive and tailored made massage in the center of Barcelona.

Anxiety, depression, grief, moments of change and openness


Perhaps you want to explore what is happening to you through your body. Maybe you are feeling vulnerable, need support and a safe space where you can take care of your physical body.

Body tensions (low back pain, back pain, cervical pain) are limiting your daily life 


Deep tissue bodywork will help to relieve these chronic tensions and connect with greater well-being, alongside a holistic approach that will make your treatment unique and pleasant.


Stress, high performance and fast pace define your routine

Does this make you feel disconnected from your body, emotions and instinct? This massage will bring you back to your body while sedating your nervous system. A reset.


Licensed massage & gestalt therapist. Trained in Californian and deep tissue massage (SPAZIO massages), swedish massage (ITASE) and sacrocranial therapy (ISMET). Body techniques to deal with trauma and Harmonic rockings® with Roger Jackson.

Currently I offer private sessions at Gestalt Dimensions (Barcelona). As a teaching member of Spazio Masajes I am honoured to train future masseurs in the art of Californian massage.

I am convinced that a caring and conscious touch has a deep healing potential. We are mammals, and touch has soothed us from our earliest experiences. I have experienced it in my own healing journey and in those of my clients.

I am passionate about an embodied approach to health and I put my hands, my sensitivity and know-how at your service.

Iñaki Gallifa
  • ¿How often do you recommend to have a session?
    It depends on your goals and the vital moment in which you are. Experiment first if this touch is good for you. If you want to follow a process and experience changes in your body, mind and emotional state, I recommend starting with 3 or 4 sessions in a row (weekly or fortnightly). ​ The benefits of massage are cumulative over time. Therefore, the more often you receive them, the better you will feel and the faster your body will respond. Soft muscular tissue is easier to work with and we can go much deeper.
  • I have no words to describe this massage, what I am feeling ... (after one session) ¿?
    Above all, it is a magnificent sign. The body has an innate wisdom that we often fail to put into words. ​ The benefits of physical contact and its impact on our biology go far beyond simple relaxation and pain relief. The release of hormones such as oxytocin is one of the greatest benefits that you will receive in your massage. It helps you connect with others, promotes pleasant physical sensations, and gives you a sense of well-being and joy. Physical contact boosts your immune system and increases your levels of serotonin and dopamine; two neurotransmitters that help your body regulate mood as well as release stress and anxiety.
  • ¿Can I pay with credit card?
    No. You can pay in cash, bizum or bank transfer.
  • ​How much does a Californian massage cost and how long does it last?
    The price of each session is €90 and the duration is 90 minutes. Add 15 minutes to get an idea of how long the experience can last from start to finish. For different options and promotions check our pricing page.
  • Do I have to completely undress?
    No. The most important thing to enjoy the massage is that you feel comfortable, therefore you can stay in underwear and you will also have disposable underwear at your disposal. The recommendation is to receive the massage nude because it favors the integration of the different parts of the body, facilitates access to the lower back (buttocks, hips) and the work of the therapist. The genital area is always protected under the sheet.
  • Why do I have to make a down payment in my first massage?
    It is a formality to preserve my time and the smooth functioning of the center. Availability is limited. You can modify or cancel your reservation up to 24 hours in advance. Full refund of the down payment
  • How can I get the most out of my experience?
    Be punctual. Do not eat right before your massage, or eat something light. Silence the phone for the entire session. Tell me about relevant aspects of your health and above all share your needs and concerns, it will help you relax and feel safe. I invite you to express yourself in relation to the pressure level, room temperature, music volume, etc. Any feedback is welcomed!
  • I feel 'awkward' after the massage, even the day after. It is normal?
    Sometimes it can happen. During the 24 hours after the massage you may feel a slight body discomfort ('stiffness'), headache or unfamiliar body sensations (which may be uncomfortable to hold). It is your body that by opening and loosening is eliminating toxins and releasing traumatic load. These effects gradually subside as your body balances itself again.



Through my online agenda you can schedule your 90-minute massage easily. Check my availability and book at the time that suits you best. I speak english and french.

Do you have any question? You can check the FAQs or contact me via phone or the contact form . I wish you a safe and happy 2024!

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