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This bodywork technique was developed at the Esalen Institute in California in the 1960s (Esalen® Massage).


Subsequently, Ingrid May and Marcelo Bartrolí (RIP) dedicated themselves to structuring this work to facilitate its transmission. This is how the Californian Massage (cousin-brother of the Esalen massage) and the Oasis School of Massage and Healing Arts (Buenos Aires) were born.

In 2006, Sujati, my teacher and the school principal of Spazio Massages brings us this bodywork technique to Barcelona.

Like many things that are becoming popular in our society, there is a certain 'prostitution' of this technique in its desire to commercialize it. There are one weekend trainings that claim to teach Californian Massage; it is also sold as an exclusively relaxing massage... Nothing could be further from reality.

If you want to know more, I invite you to watch this video by Marcelo where the essence of this work is distilled and read the article.'9 differences with other massage techniques'.


Californian massage is an holistic bodywork technique. Through an accurate approach to the physical body, we adress as well the emotional and energetic body. It is characterized by long and integrating movements that run through the whole body as if they were waves; It also has slow and deep tissue movements aimed at releasing the most stressed areas of the body, along with mobilizations, rockings and moments of pause and stillness.

The differentiating element of this massage, inspired by gestalt psychotherapy (Gestalt massage) is the attitude of the therapist: listening, presence and quality of touch. Each massage is different because each body needs different rhythms and pressures, even the same person needs a different touch every other day. The therapist connects with the customer's body (through touch, breathing, the quality of the muscle tissue...) and puts his sensitivity and listening into play, that is when californian massage becomes art.


Esquema masaje californiano

I like to define this massage as a 'journey' in which each person experiences what their body needs. They almost always go into deep states of relaxation , similar to a trance; normally you feel more openness and body space, as if something had loosened ... and movements also occur in the emotional body: from connecting with the pleasure of feeling your body, compassion towards oneself, support ... to more intense emotional discharges.


The most important thing during the sessions is the support towards the person who is in your hands. It is a space and a massage that allows you to lower your defenses and everything that happens is welcomed. Likewise, we do not want to achieve anything or seek a specific goal and it is in these moments where the magic of the present moment appears, and things just happen, as in life itself.


 I am convinced that a caring and consciuos touch has a deep healing potential. We are mammals, and touch has soothed us from our earliest experiences. I have experienced it in my own healing journey and in those of my customers.


  • Caring touch: for me it means with respect to your body and your process.

  • Conscious touch:  I work from a meditative state, attentive to your breathing, body reactions, muscular tissue texture....


During the massage therapy you are vulnerable: lying on the massage table, undressed and predisposed to receive. We use this opening to put it at the service of what your body needs.

Only through breathing can you dissolve the contracture, pain or discomfort. When something hurts or scares us, instinctively  we contract, close, and stop breathing . During the massage, I invite you to do the reverse: pay attention to your breathing, connect with what is happening to you, with the part of the body that hurts you and help to release tension from within while I help loosen from the outside.

masaje californiano de espalda

I work from a bright place. I trust, and this is the feedback I receive from my customers, that everything that happens during the massage will be for good: for more understanding, for more compassion, for more lightness, etc. despite the fact that sometimes you have to go through pain, discomfort or your own fragility.

The more I listen to you and the more you share with me what your needs are, the more intense the work is. Beyond a refined technique (and continuous training), it is this way of being on the massage table that makes the difference. Emotional and energetic movements happen through me and not because of me.

Taking care of my own energy and supervising my process as a therapist and person have become essential.

And finally I work from my sensitivity, intuition and passion for what I do. I have discovered that physical contact, when it is consented, is a door through which a lot of healing, well-being and pleasure arises. I am pleased to share it with you.

Iñaki formador spazio masajes
Iñaki profesor masaje Spazio

“Hace falta ternura para cuidarnos, voluntad para realizar pequeños

cambios y humildad para comprender que todos tenemos descosida el alma”


Anabel González, psiquiatra y psicoterapeuta

“Tras trabajar durante 46 años sobre la conexión cuerpo-mente (…) mi convicción es que tú eres tu cuerpo, y tu cabeza no lo controla. Esto significa que si vas a cambiar de alguna manera, tu cuerpo debe cambiar también.”


Alexander Lowen

“Les preguntaron a los supervivientes del atentado de las torres gemelas de Nueva York qué es lo que encontraron más beneficioso para superar los efectos de su experiencia. Los supervivientes destacaron acupuntura, masaje, yoga y terapia EMDR”

El cuerpo lleva la cuenta, Bessel Van Der Kolk


Through my online agenda you can schedule your 90-minute massage easily. Check my availability and book at the time that suits you best. I speak english and french.

Do you have any question? You can check the FAQs or contact me via phone or the contact form . You can also read the reviews and comments of the customers who have already trusted me.

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