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This section is for you if you want more information about Californian massage and conscious touch.


This is a living technique -that evolves- and is mainly passed down from mentors to trainees orally.  Bear in mind that I explain everything from my point of view and personal experience.

If you want to investigate for yourself, go to the source. With much gratitude, and in this order: Esalen Institute (California), Gestalt Institute(Barcelona), Oasis School of Massage and Healing Arts (Buenos Aires) and Spazio Massages (Barcelona).

Through my online agenda you can schedule your 90-minute massage easily. Check my availability and book at the time that suits you best. I speak english and french.

Do you have any question? You can check the FAQs or contact me via phone or the contact form . You can also read the reviews and comments of the customers who have already trusted me.

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